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Jiří Bula

EUROMETAL servis s.r.o.

Experience, tradition and fair play

Let me introduce my new company a little bit. I would like to avoid various speculations about what kind of business we run and what was the purpose for establishment of the „new“ Eurometal. That is why I am offering you the following explanation.

The company Eurometal servis s.r.o. was primarily found to provide services in the field of surface treatments of construction materials. Whether we speak about performance of surface treatments , especially in the field of hot-dip galvanizing, abrasive blasting, metallization, powder coating as well as wet-painting and combined-duplex (also multilayer) coatings, or about deliveries of machines, devices or technological entities for this field. We provide almost 20-year-know-how searching for better results, more
competitive company, or corrosion combating.......
Jiří Bula
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06.12.2010We equip the workshop.
We concrete a handling area for the drier.

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