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Delivery of zinc waste recycling technology

Our company has really broad experience with zinc waste recycling. A recycling device can significantly affect efficiency of hot-dip galvanizing considering the fact that zinc is a deficit metal in the Czech Republic. Practically, all zinc for hot-dip galvanizing is imported to us from abroad, mostly from the stocks of London Metal Exchange (LME). If you solve problem „ where to give it“or you are not satisfied with the price you become for the waste, please contact us.

There are several principles of zinc recycling. The simplest recycling of zinc ashes is a method of rotary sweating. Metal zinc particles are deprived of surface immunizing layer in a „grinding” drum. The drum has to be warmed up above the temperature of zinc melt. Molten zinc drops gather in the lowest part of the drum, from which zinc is then removed. Zinc ash from the hot-dip galvanizing technology contains mostly enough rest flux and therefore it is not necessary to add any flux. Experienced „zinc processor” collect the ash very carefully, spread it on the wall and thanks to it they deprive it of zinc larger pieces and drops. Despite of the best care, the zinc content in this waste is usually within the range of 65-75 %. This technology is also suitable for recycling of other zinc wastes; however, adjustment of manufacturing process is necessary.

In the case that it will be possible to exhaust all free zinc another ca. 50-70 % of metal stay in the rest of waste after this operation. However, this zinc is mostly chemically bound in a few various compounds and its utilisation is much more difficult.

Usual concentration of zinc in just depleted ore is around 5-6 %. It is evident that zinc recycling is very effective and desired process, not only for hot-dip galvanizing technology.



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