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06.12.2010We equip the workshop.
26.11.2010 We concrete a handling area for the drier.

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Delivery of abrasive blasting technology

We ensure a complex delivery of abrasive blasting technologies (familiarly - sand blasting).

Any surface treatment requires a high-quality material, usually corrosion removal. In order to apply colours (wet and powder ones) and various plastics ( e.g. PA 11, 12, ), surface relief respectively anchor profile and other parameters are also important. Sometimes it is also important to pickle, or sand-blast steel to enable another first-rate processing of steel (e.g. laser cutting, welding etc.). It happens sometimes that material coming in the zinc works is polluted e.g. with colour, or a customer has requirements for increase of zinc layer (lifetime). Abrasive blasting is suitable in this case. Another problem can be use of diversified material of weldment and requirements for absolutely unified appearance after zinc coating at the same time. Sometimes it is necessary to zinc-coat materials that are not easy to be zinc-coated (cast iron). Then it is also suitable to use process of material surface abrasive blasting before zinc coating. That should be ensured by really high-quality choice of technology and also technological process. In addition to the abrasive blasting technology we will also provide you with service, spare parts and renovation of a device and its components, of course we also offer consulting by production optimizing.

Our specialisation is especially continuous feed blasting installations by the company Agtos GmbH a Schlick. We will help you also with air blast machines from other producers. We deliver spare parts for these devices; carry out general overhauls and exchange of anti-abrasive cladding. We also ensure the whole service of catapult units, and also including carbide metal (wolfram-carbide) ones. If you have some special requirements for abrasive blasting process, we will build a custom-made abrasive cleaning unite for you, both compressed-air cabins and boxes, or technology with catapult units.

Optimal solution of abrasive blasting technology

will be custom-tailored by us, namely from A to Z.

Let’s consider:

Assortment prepared for your includes following items:

  • technical design
  • project/construction/production
  • delivery/installation
  • staff training
  • complex service
  • continuous feed blasting installation with a rollway
  • over-head air blast machines
  • air-blast machine for special use
  • compressed-air chamber blast machines
  • spare parts

Examples of defects we are able to deal with
View of photo gallery for air blast machine reparation

Photo gallery:

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